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The scientists affiliated with PC3I annually produce hundreds of papers published in medicine's most important and prestigious journals. The following list focuses on PC3I strategic initiatives and the work of our Innovation Faculty and Fellows.

Application of team science best practices to the project management of a large, multi-site lung cancer screening research consortium

Jun 2023


Julie Steiner; Erica Blum-Barnett; Betsy Rolland; Courtney Kraus; Jocelyn Wainright; Ruth Bedoy; Yannica Theda Martinez; Elizabeth Alleman; Roxy Eibergen; Lisa Pieper; Nikki Carroll; Brian Nixon; Andrew Sterrett; Katharine Rendle; Chelsea Saia; Anil Vachani; Debra Ritzwoller; Andrea Burnett-Hartman


Journal of Clinical and Translational Science

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