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The scientists affiliated with PC3I annually produce hundreds of papers published in medicine's most important and prestigious journals. The following list focuses on PC3I strategic initiatives and the work of our Innovation Faculty and Fellows.

Co-Mutations on Lung Cancer Outcomes

Serial Monitoring of Circulating Tumor DNA by Next-Generation Gene Sequencing as a Biomarker of Response and Survival in Patients With Advanced NSCLC Receiving Pembrolizumab-Based Therapy

Mar 2021


Jeffrey C Thompson, Erica L Carpenter, Benjamin A Silva, Jamie Rosenstein, Austin L Chien, Katie Quinn, Carin R Espenschied, Allysia Mak, Lesli A Kiedrowski, Martina Lefterova, Rebecca J Nagy, Sharyn I Katz, Stephanie S Yee, Taylor A Black, Aditi P Singh, Christine A Ciunci, Joshua M Bauml, Roger B Cohen, Corey J Langer, Charu Aggarwal


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