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PC3I Presents 20 First- and Senior-Authored Abstracts at ASCO 2022


The 2022 American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting will bring together oncologists from around the world to share the latest cutting-edge research under the theme Advancing Equitable Cancer Care Through Innovation. Taking place June 3-7, the Annual Meeting will feature 20 first- and senior-authored abstracts from Innovation Faculty, Fellows, and staff at the Penn Center for Cancer Care Innovation (PC3I). 

PC3I faculty and fellows will share findings from across the cancer care continuum, such as strategies to collect and leverage patient-reported outcomes, increase access to comprehensive molecular genotyping and germline testing, and address disparities in clinical trial participation. Throughout, PC3I faculty and fellows highlight opportunities to advance health equity through innovation. 


Association of comprehensive molecular genotyping and overall survival in patients with advanced non-squamous non-small cell lung cancer. 

Charu Aggarwal, Melina E. Marmarelis, Wei-Ting Hwang, Dylan G. Scholes, Tara L. McWilliams, Aditi P. Singh, Lova Sun, John Kosteva, Michael R. Costello, Roger B. Cohen, Corey J. Langer, Peter Gabriel, Lawrence Shulman, Jeffrey C. Thompson, Erica L. Carpenter
Poster Discussion Session: June 6th, 2:15 ET – Abstract: 9022 | Poster: 10 


First report of safety/tolerability and preliminary antitumor activity of CAN-2409 in inadequate responders to immune checkpoint inhibitors for stage III/IV NSCLC. 

Charu Aggarwal, Andrew Haas, Sarah W. Gordon, Ranee Mehra, Peter M. Lee, Christine M. Bestvina, Fabien Maldonado, Vamsidhar Velcheti, Roy S. Herbst, Susan D. Bell, Rachael Gillmor, Andrea G. Manzanera, Christopher J. Matheny, Estuardo Aguilar-Cordova, Laura K. Aguilar, Francesa Barone, Paul Peter Tak, Daniel Sterman.
Poster Session: June 6th, 9:00 ETAbstract: 9037 | Poster: 25 


Variation in telemedicine usage in gynecologic cancer: Are we widening or narrowing disparities. 

Leslie Andriani, Anna Jo Smith, Rafael Alvarez, Jonathan Heintz, Emily M. Ko.
Poster Session: June 4th, 2:15 ETAbstract: 1593 | Poster: 185 


Saving TIME: Accuracy of a text intervention to minimize the time burden of cancer care. 

Erin M. Bange, Kerry Coughlin, Timothy J. Brown, Wenrui Li, Elizabeth Moriarty, Tara Bange, Roy Rosin, Michael Josephs, David Smith, Roger B. Cohen, Kelly Getz, Dan Ragusano, Eesha Balar, Lynn Schuchter, Mohan Balachandran, Qi Long, Lawrence Shulman, Carmen Guerra, Ronac Mamtani.
Poster Session: June 6th, 2:15 ET – Abstract: 6527 | Poster: 310 


A descriptive study on the treatment and outcomes of patients with platinum-sensitive, advanced, BRCA- or PALB2-related pancreatic cancer who have progressed on rucaparib. 

Timothy J. Brown, Mark H. O’Hara, Ursina Teitelbaum, Thomas B. Karasic, Charles Schneider, Natallia Izgur, Katherine Nathanson, Susan M. Domchek, Kim A. Reiss.
Poster Session: June 4th, 9:00 ET – Abstract: 4131 | Poster: 117 


Professional development in a Twitter hematology/oncology network for trainees. 

Muhammad Salman Faisal, Andrea Anampa-Guzmán, Aakash Desai, Ghulam Rehman Mohyuddin, Ariela Marshall.
Poster Session: June 4th, 2:15 ET Abstract: 11034 | Poster: 225 


Prior authorizations for PARP inhibitors in ovarian cancer. 

Audra Hugo, Daniella Pena, Emily M. Ko, Ashley Haggerty, Anna Jo Smith.
Poster Session: June 4th, 2:15 ETAbstract: 5549 | Poster: 428 


Deficit Accumulation Frailty Index (DAFI) scores and acute myeloid leukemia outcomes. 

Catherine Lai, Olivia Conway, Minji Lee, Jennifer Le-Rademacher, Jeanne Mandelblatt, Heidi Klepin.
Poster Session: June 4th, 2:15 ET – Abstract: 12040 | Poster: 286 


Trends in and determinants of germline BRCA1/2 testing in patients with breast and ovarian cancer. 

Kelsey S. Lau-Min, Anne Marie McCarthy, Katherine L. Nathanson, Susan M. Domchek.
Poster Session: June 6th, 2:15 ET – Abstract: 10583 | Poster: 458 


Racial disparities in diagnostic follow-up following birads 0 mammogram. 

Ritika Manik, Connor B. Grady, Sara Ginzberg, Christine E. Edmonds, Emily F. Conant, Rebecca A. Hubbard, Oluwadamilola Fayanju.
Poster Session: June 6th, 2:15 ET – Abstract: 6559 | Poster: 342 


Remote patient-reported symptoms and passive activity monitoring to improve patient-clinician communication regarding symptoms and functional status: A randomized controlled trial (PROStep). 

Christopher Manz, William Ferrell, Joelle Williamson, Emily Schriver, Jonathan Wakim, Neda Khan, Michael Kopinsky, Peter Gabriel, Mohan Balachandran, Lawrence N. Shulman, Ravi Parikh.
Oral Abstract Session: June 6th, 4:00 ETAbstract: 1506 


Impact of socioeconomic status on survival after CD19 CART therapy. 

Haley Newman, Yimei Li, Hongyan Liu, Vicky Tam, Regina M Myers, Amanda M DiNofia, Colleen Callahan, Claire M White, Diane Baniewicz, Stephan Kadauke, Caroline Diorio, David T. Teachey, Susan R. Rheingold, Kelly D. Getz, Carl H. June, Richard Aplenc, Shannon L. Maude, Stephan A. Grupp, Kira Bona, Allison Barz Leahy.
Poster Discussion Session: June 4th, 2:15 ET – Abstract: 7013 | Poster: 244 


Long-term effect of machine learning–triggered behavioral nudges on serious illness communication and end-of-life outcomes among patients with cancer: A randomized clinical trial. 

Ravi Parikh, Yichen Zhang, Dylan Small, Corey Chivers, Chalanda N. Evans, Susan B. Regli, Jennifer Braun, C. William Hanson III, Justin E. Bekelman, Peter Gabriel, Pallavi Kumar, Nina O’Connor, Lawrence N. Shulman, Lynn Schuchter, Mitesh S. Patel, Christopher Manz.
Clinical Science Symposium: June 6th, 10:45 ETAbstract: 109 


Trends in low-value oncology care during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Ravi Parikh, Yasin Civelek, Pelin Ozluk, David Joseph Debono, Michael Jordan Fisch, Gosia Sylwestrzak, Justin E. Bekelman, Aaron L Schwartz.
Poster Session: June 6th, 2:15 ETAbstract: 6594 | Poster: 375 


Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on cervical cancer diagnosis and treatment in Botswana. 

Katharine A. Rendle, Tara Friebel-Klingner, Priya Puri, Gauthami Moorkanat Gopakumar, Barati Monare, Doreen Ramogola-Masire, Lisa Bazzett-Matabele, Peter Vuylsteke, Surbhi Grover.
Abstract: e17518 


Disparities in biomarker testing in ovarian cancer. 

Anna Jo Smith, Jonathan Heintz, Rafael Alvarez, Ashley Haggerty, Emily M. Ko.
Abstract: e18596 


Disparities in endometrial cancer clinical trial participation. 

Anna Jo Smith, Jonathan Heintz, Rafael Alvarez, Emily M. Ko.
Abstract: e18514 


Disparities in clinical trial participation in ovarian cancer. 

Anna Jo Smith, Jonathan Heintz, Rafael Alvarez, Fiona Simpkins, Emily M. Ko.
Abstract: e18597  


Association between state Medicaid policies and accrual of Black participants to cancer clinical trials. 

Samuel U. Takvorian, Paula Chatterjee, Ronac Mamtani, Yaxin Wu, Carmen E. Guerra, Rachel M. Werner, William Schpero.
Oral Abstract Session: June 6th, 4:00 ETAbstract: 1501 


Racial and ethnic disparities in adherence and reported symptoms during routine collection of patient-reported outcomes. 

Samuel U. Takvorian, Yaxin Wu, Peter Gabriel, Michelle Iocolano, Justin E. Bekelman, Lawrence N. Shulman, Ravi B. Parikh.
Poster Discussion Session: June 6th, 5:30 ETAbstract: 6510 | Poster: 293 


PC3I Faculty and  Fellows also served as co-authors on several abstracts:

Impact of social media on the emotional health and burnout of pediatric and adult oncology professionals: A SWOG and COG survey. 

Scott Moerdler, Maura Meredith Barry, Elizabeth Henry, Tiffany Lin Lucas,  Ariela Marshall, Don S. Dizon.
Poster Session: June 4th, 5:30 ET – Abstract: 11013 | Poster: 204 


Designing and implementing an evidence-based and longitudinal implicit bias training curriculum for school of medicine members and healthcare providers. 

Lauren M. Hamel, Leah M. Robinson, Marquita Chamblee, David W. Dougherty, Beena Sood.
Abstract: e24136 


Additionally, PC3I Faculty will serve as discussants on the following oral abstract and poster discussion sessions: 

Evaluating the Real Value: Impact of Health Insurance on Cancer Care Delivery. 

Discussant: Oluwadamilola Fayanju.
Oral Abstract Session: June 4th, 2:15 ETAbstracts 6503, 6504, & 6505 


Better Care Everywhere: Pragmatic Community-Based Trials to Improve Care Delivery. 

Discussant: Erin Gillespie.
Poster Discussion Session: June 4th, 5:30 ETAbstracts 1518, 1519, & 1520 


Palliative Care: Harvesting the Benefits. 

Discussant: Ramy Sedhom.
Poster Discussion Session: June 4th, 5:30 ETAbstracts 12020 & 12021 

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