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Effect of a National Pay-for-Performance Program for Oncology on Use of Evidence-Based Cancer Drug Regimens and Spending

Cancer drug prescribing by medical oncologists accounts for the greatest variation in practice and largest portion of spending on cancer care. Consequently, efforts to control cost growth of the estimated $173 billion spent on cancer care in the US in 2020 have focused heavily on promoting evidence-based cancer drug prescribing. In this project, our objective is to evaluate the association between a national insurer’s pay-for-performance (P4P) program for oncology and changes in prescribing of evidence-based cancer drugs and spending.

This study is currently in progress.

Amol Navathe, MD, PhD;  Atul Gupta, PhD; Justin Bekelman, MD;  and  our partners at a big data firm and national commercial insurer

A big data firm and national commercial insurer

Payment Models and Affordability, Incentives to Change Behavior

Transforming Cancer Care

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