Founded at the Abramson Cancer Center at the University of Pennsylvania
Amol Navathe

Amol Navathe, MD, PhD

Co-Director, Healthcare Transformation Institute

Assistant Professor, Health Policy and Medicine, Perelman School of Medicine

Amol Navathe, MD, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Health Policy and Medicine and a Senior Fellow at the Leonard Davis Institute for Health Economics at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Navathe is a practicing physician, health economist, and engineer. He has extensive expertise in policy analysis and design, physician and hospital economic behavior, and application of informatics and predictive analytics to healthcare data. His work on advanced health data analytics and technology to improve healthcare delivery has been implemented at numerous large health systems. He has applied his skills to payment and delivery transformation, federal policy for healthcare evidence development and data infrastructure, and the study of physician and hospital economic behavior.


Dr. Navathe’s expertise is focused in three core areas that are directly related to the work of PC3I: (1) the impact of alternative payment models, particularly bundled payments, on the cost and quality of healthcare; (2) financial and non-financial incentive design, including applications of behavioral economics, to drive clinician practice change; and (3) predictive analytics and informatics to improve healthcare delivery. These streams include a mix of pragmatic clinical trials and observational data analyses. Current areas of focus include bundled payments, large scale re-design of physician and hospital payment models, optimal use of performance feedback in healthcare (e.g., to decrease opioid prescribing), and design of predictive models to drive behavior change.


Dr. Navathe completed his medical training at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and his post-graduate medical training at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital at Harvard Medical School. He obtained his PhD in Healthcare Management and Economics from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. As a practicing physician, Dr. Navathe has an up-close view of the complexities of healthcare financing and the resulting hardships. For these reasons, Dr. Navathe is dedicated to transforming health care delivery for his patients, who provide him great inspiration. He hopes that his work will improve their lives and the lives of Americans nationwide.

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