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The Penn Center for Cancer Care Innovation (PC3I) is the nation’s first group working at the nexus of research and practice to develop solutions to transform cancer care delivery. Founded at the Abramson Cancer Center at the University of Pennsylvania, our mission is to make cancer care better for patients, clinicians, and communities. PC3I is a community of top researchers, innovators, and multidisciplinary thought leaders embedded within the world-class clinical and research environment of Penn Medicine. We leverage this environment as a real-world laboratory to create, test, and scale cancer care solutions. To expand the boundaries of this real-world laboratory, we partner with other health care delivery organizations; patient advocacy organizations; pharmaceutical, biotechnology, big data, and technology companies; public and commercial insurers; and local, state, and federal agencies. Through our unique innovation ecosystem in cancer care, we improve health, health care, and health equity for patients with cancer; enhance the patient and clinician experience; and increase care efficiency and value.

Real-World Laboratory
Our Real-World Laboratory


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