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PC3I Faculty Awarded NCCN Funding to Increase Equitable Lung Cancer Screening Adherence

A new grant has been awarded by the National Comprehensive Cancer Care Network® (NCCN) Oncology Research Program to a team comprised of PC3I Faculty, Advisors, and Affiliates to increase timely and equitable lung cancer screening (LCS) adherence across diverse populations. Katharine Rendle, PhD, MSW, MPH and Anil Vachani, MD, MSCE will serve as principal investigators alongside co-investigators Peter Gabriel, MD, MSCE; Rebecca Hubbard, PhD; Ravi Parikh, MD, MPP; and Richard Wender, MD.

Adherence to guideline-recommended annual LCS remains low, and disparities exist by race, sex, geography, and socioeconomic status. This grant will test patient and clinician nudge strategies to impact LCS adherence rates, including text messages to patients and electronic health record nudges to clinicians. Analyses will explore how patient, clinician, and system-level factors shape the effectiveness of nudge strategies, both overall and by subgroup. The research will benefit patients directly by identifying strategies to equitably increase LCS adherence.

Further information can be found in the press release by the National Comprehensive Care Network.

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