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2024 PC3I Innovation Accelerator Request for Proposals

A Collaboration Between PC3I
& the Penn Cancer System



The Penn Cancer Innovation Accelerator program is a pathway for addressing challenges within the world of cancer care at Penn. Teams from across the world of cancer care at Penn Medicine suggest pain points that, if successfully addressed, would have a major positive impact on patients, care teams, and/or the health system as a whole.

If chosen, teams work side-by-side with PC3I staff to apply innovation methodologies and project management tools to the problem at hand. Together, they work towards creating, testing, and scaling solutions to real clinical opportunities within the health system.



We prioritize projects that have the potential to effect meaningful, positive impact for patients, clinicians and staff, and the health care system. In addition, projects should:

  • Be well-defined: Great projects start with clear questions or problems.
  • Be short-term: Project goals should be able to be accomplished within 6-9 months.
  • Think big: Projects should have the potential to make sizeable, sustainable change within the world of cancer care at Penn, as measured in patient-related outcomes, key operational metrics, and/or financial impact.
  • Need PC3I: Proposals should articulate why project management tools and innovation methodology are needed, and why the project can’t be completed without PC3I’s support.
  • Be partnerships: Teams should have clinical/operational representation who will work collaboratively with PC3I.
  • Have support from leadership: All projects should have support from at least one senior leader (director level or above).

Selected projects will be staffed by an Innovation Manager (up to 50% time) and additional PC3I team members as needed. In addition, PC3I will provide up to $60,000 in funding to help accomplish project goals.




    • 11/10: Call for proposals
    • 11/28: Information session (recording here)


      • 12/8: Proposals due by 11:59 pm
      • 12/9: Initial review and scoring period begins


        • Early January: Top projects identified for 15-minute pitch sessions
        • January: Top project pre-pitch coaching sessions
        • By 1/31: Kickoff meetings scheduled


    • 2/5: Projects pitched to leadership
    • 2/9: Projects chosen and announced
    • 2/16: Kickoff meetings scheduled
    • Chartering documents developed and finalized
    • Project kickoff



Thank you for your interest in the Penn Cancer Innovation Accelerator. Applications for 2024 are now closed.



How are projects chosen? Projects are chosen jointly by PC3I and leadership within cancer care at Penn.

What will happen with selected projects? Our team will work with you to understand your problem and its context. Together, we will explore potential opportunities and test out solutions.

If my project is selected, will you fix the problem? We might and we might not! The best-case scenario is that we generate an effective and sustainable solution that leads to significant positive impact. But sometimes, we test out some solutions and discover that they aren’t effective. Other times, we find an effective solution, but institutional limitations prevent it from being implemented right away.

How is this program different from other innovation accelerators at Penn? We are part of a broader innovation community within Penn, including the Center for Healthcare Information & Transformation, which runs the Innovation Accelerator Program. PC3I’s focus is on transforming care delivery within the cancer system at Penn. For our Penn Cancer Innovation Accelerator, we bring an innovation lens, project management tools, and extensive experience with clinical trials based in clinical operations.

What happens if I apply to this program and CHTI’s program? When in doubt, apply to both! We collaborate closely to match each project with the program that’s the best fit.



Past Innovation Accelerator Projects include:



If you have any questions, please email


The Penn Center for Cancer Care Innovation (PC3I) is the nation’s first group working at the nexus of research and practice to develop solutions to transform cancer care delivery. Founded at the Abramson Cancer Center at the University of Pennsylvania, our mission is to make cancer care better for patients, clinicians, and communities. 

Penn Medicine’s Abramson Cancer Center (ACC) is a world leader in cancer research, patient care, and education. Founded in 1973, its mission is to improve the lives of adults and children with cancer in the greater Philadelphia area, across the nation, and around the world. PC3I works closely with leadership within the ACC and the entire cancer service line at Penn. 

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