PC3I Presents 17 Abstracts at 2023 ASCO Quality Care Symposium

October 26, 2023

The 2023 American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Quality Care Symposium brings together oncologists from around the world to address the quality, safety, and efficiency of care delivery. Taking place October 27-28 in Boston, MA, the symposium will feature 17 abstracts from Innovation Faculty, Fellows, and staff at the Penn Center for Cancer Care Innovation (PC3I). 

PC3I researchers are dedicated to designing, testing, and scaling innovative strategies to improve patient access to care, increase patient engagement, and promote equitable and efficient cancer care delivery. This year, these strategies include: 

  • examining patient-specific factors and preferences to deliver tailored care;
  • utilizing digital interventions to bridge gaps in physician-patient communication; and
  • testing behavioral economics strategies and financial interventions to reduce burdens of cancer care. 

Throughout their work, PC3I Faculty and Fellows highlight and prioritize patient-centered interventions to deliver equitable and innovative cancer care. 

Transportation assistance in gynecologic oncology: A pilot study.

Anna Jo Smith, Kristina Powell, Meredith Doherty, Stefanie Hinkle, Justin Bekelman, Fiona Simpkins, Emily Ko. 
Poster Session: October 28, 7:00 AM ET – Abstract: 206 | Poster: F17  

Effect of removing an oncologist-directed behavioral nudge on sustaining rates of serious illness conversations: An interrupted time series analysis.

Ryan O’Keefe, E. Paul Wileyto, Peter Gabriel, Daniel Blumenthal, Sharon Tejada, Rinad Beidas, Robert Schnoll, Justin Bekelman, Ravi Parikh, Samuel Takvorian.  
Poster Session: October 28, 7:00 AM ET – Abstract: 242 | Poster: H5 

BE-A-PAL: Behavioral economics and automated analytics to improve palliative care among patients with advanced cancer.

Sandhya Mudumbi, Larry Bilbrey, William Ferrell, Nicole Johnson, Jenna Steckel, Stephen Schleicher, Natalie Dickson, Justin Bekelman, Ravi Parikh. 
Poster Session: October 28, 7:00 AM ET – Abstract: 268 | Poster: J3 

Assessment of hospitalizations and cytopenia events among patients with extensive stage small cell lung cancer (ES-SCLC) receiving chemotherapy with trilaciclib.

Huan Huang, Joseph Tkacz, Michelle Moore, Benjamin Lewing, Yecheng Huang, Jill Schinkel, Ravi Parikh.  
Poster Session: October 28, 7:00 AM ET – Abstract: 531 | Poster: L6 

Does financial advocacy improve appointment keeping in patients receiving chemotherapy?

Meredith Doherty, Kellie Bresz, Kimberly Guglielmo, Christopher Davella, Tamara Cadet, Suzanne Walker, Paul Wileyto.
Oral Abstract Session: October 27, 1:00 PM ET – Abstract: 75  

What outcome do older adults with cancer prioritize when asked?

Ramy Sedhom, Renee Donnelly, Noah Goldman, Kerri Celaya, Paul Ortiz, David Dougherty. 
Poster Session: October 27, 11:30 AM ET – Abstract: 316 | Poster: E1 

Elucidating when to engage patients with breast cancer in a symptom-based survivorship intervention.

Nicholas Verdini, Jun Mao, Karolina Bryl, Raymond Baser, Kaitlyn Lapen, Atif Khan, Erin Gillespie.  
Poster Session: October 27, 11:30 AM ET – Abstract: 489 | Poster: L15 

Text intervention to minimize time burden of cancer care (TIME).

Erin Bange, Kerry Coughlin, Wenrui Li, Timothy Brown, Daniel Ragusano, Eesha Balar, Dhivya Arasappan, Michelle Nnaji, Elliot Kim, Corey Alban, Sindhuja Uppuluri, Lindsey Zinck, Donna Capozzi, Michael Josephs, Danielle Zubka, Roy Rosin, Mohan Balachandran, Lawrence Shulman, Carmen Guerra, Ronac Mamtani. 
Rapid Oral Abstract Session: October 27, 4:45 PM ET – Abstract: 301   


PC3I Faculty and Fellows also served as co-authors on 9 abstracts:

Recruiting Black and White patients to a behavioral oncology clinical trial: Lessons from the DISCO trial.

Roman Grossi, Eyouab Tadesse, Lorna Mabunda, Teneisha Austin, Keri Angers, Karis Tutuska, Mai Daigle, Susan Eggly, David Dougherty, Lauren Hamel.
Poster Session: October 28, 7:00 AM ET – Abstract: 102 | Poster: B9 

A qualitative study on the role of financial toxicity on adoption of healthy lifestyle behavior after breast cancer among Black and Latina women.

Celeste Nsubayi, Margaret Pichardo, Abigail Ginader, Kryztal Peña, Thai Hien Nguyen, Melinda Irwin, Tara Sanft, Oluwadamilola Fayanju, Yamile Molina.
Poster Session: October 28, 7:00 AM ET – Abstract: 273 | Poster: J8 

Effect of virtual mind-body fitness program on reduction in unplanned hospitalizations among patients undergoing active cancer treatments: A pragmatic randomized clinical trial.

Jun Mao, Karolina Bryl, Erin Gillespie, Angela Green, Kin Wai (Tony) Hung, Raymond Baser, Katherine Panageas, Michael Postow, Robert Daly. 
Oral Abstract Session: October 28, 1:00 PM ET – Abstract: 473 

Geographic accessibility to palliative care physicians and early receipt of palliative care among individuals diagnosed with stage IV cancer in the US.

Qinjin Fan, Kewei Shi, Changchuan Jiang, Xin Hu, Yaxiong Shao, Ryan Nipp, Ravi Parikh, Arif Kamal, Robin Yabroff, Xuesong Han.  
Poster Session: October 28, 7:00 AM – Abstract: 89 | Poster: A8 

Characterizing home care services use among US survivors of cancer.

Naveen Premnath, Urvashi Pandey, Ishita Vasudev, Ramy Sedhom, S. M. Qasim Hussaini, Arjun Gupta.  
Poster Session: October 28, 7:00 AM – Abstract: 90 | Poster: A9 

Differences in perception and use of remote patient monitoring among community and academic/NCI designated cancer programs.

Caroline Offit, Christina Mangir, Smit Patel, Adam Dicker, Cardinale Smith, David Penberthy, Amanda Dean Martin, Anne Marie Rainey, Bellinda King-Kallimanis, Erin Pierce, Ramy Sedhom, Karen Tacka, Elana Plotkin, Leigh Boehmer.
Poster Session: October 28, 7:00 AM – Abstract: 563 | Poster: M10 

Opportunities for expanded nurse and nurse navigator involvement in design, implementation and management of remote patient monitoring programs.

Bellinda King-Kallimanis, Caroline Offit, Tendai Chihuri, Christina Mangir, Adam Dicker, Cardinale Smith, David Penberthy, Anne Marie Rainey, Amanda Dean Martin, Smit Patel, Erin Pierce, Ramy Sedhom, Karen Tacka, Elana Plotkin, Leigh Boehmer. 
Poster Session: October 28, 7:00 AM – Abstract: 564 | Poster: M11 

Pilot implementation study of a default genetic referral process for patients with young-onset colorectal cancer.

Kelsey Lau-Min, Shavon Rochester, Jessica Long, Danielle Mckenna, Jacqueline Powers, Leland Boisseau, Peter Gabriel, Randall Oyer, Susan Domchek, Steven Joffee, Katharine Rendle, Katherine Nathanson, Bryson Katona, Megan Grabill. 
Poster Session: October 27, 11:30 AM ET – Abstract: 429 | Poster: J11 

Utilization of high-cost prostate cancer therapies by oncologists in the merit-based incentive payment system (MIPS).

M. Qasim Hussaini, Vishal Patel, Samyukta Mullangi, Ravi Parikh, Ramy Sedhom, Arjun Gupta, Jeromie Ballreich. 
Poster Session: October 27, 11:30 AM ET – Abstract: 73 | Poster: C26