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Targeted Therapies Take Aim at Endometrial Cancer

In an article in CURE, PC3I Faculty Emily Ko, MD, MSCR, discusses targeted therapy, a form of cancer treatment aimed at specific aspects of cancer cells which is an emerging treatment for endometrial cancer.

About 30% of patients with endometrial cancer have tumors that are MSI (microsatellite instability)-high, a characteristic linked to a high number of genetic mutations in cancerous cells. These abnormalities can be directly targeted with certain drugs.

Emily Ko

“When we started to get down to the genomic levels of these tumors, we realized that just because some endometrial cancers may look [similar] under the microscope, they may still behave biologically different based on genomic signature,” says Ko. “Based on that genomic signature, there may be biologic pathways that we can target.”

Dr. Ko further discusses the potential of targeted therapies as an alternative treatment for endometrial cancer in the full article at CURE.

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