Founded at the Abramson Cancer Center at the University of Pennsylvania

Robert Schnoll, PhD

Associate Director for Population Science, Abramson Cancer Center

Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Perelman School of Medicine Program Leader and Director, Center for Interdisciplinary Research on Nicotine Addiction, Department of Psychiatry, Perelman School of Medicine Co-Leader, Tobacco and Environmental Carcinogenesis Program, Abramson Cancer Center

Dr. Schnoll is Director of the Center for Interdisciplinary Research on Nicotine Addiction, a Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania, the Associate Director for Population Science and co-leader of the Tobacco and Environmental Carcinogenesis Program at the Abramson Cancer Center, and a Senior Fellow at Penn’s Center for Public Health Initiatives, where he teaches core courses for the Penn MPH program. Dr. Schnoll’s research focuses on the study of new methods for treating nicotine dependence, the examination of novel ways to use existing treatments for nicotine dependence to improve their efficacy, and the study of methods to improve the use of smoking cessation treatments, particularly in under-served or vulnerable populations. Dr. Schnoll has conducted behavioral, physician-based, and pharmacological clinical trials for smoking cessation, and conducted tobacco control research in India and Russia.


After receiving his Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Rhode Island in 1998, Dr. Schnoll completed a post-doctoral fellowship in Cancer Prevention and Control at Fox Chase Cancer Center and remained there as a faculty member in the Division of Population Science until September 2005, when he moved to his current position at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Schnoll has published over 120 peer-reviewed papers, received 13 NIH grants as Principal Investigator, has served as a scientific advisor for the NCI and the ACS, chaired or served on close to 75 NIH study sections, and served as program chair/co-chair for three annual meetings of the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco.

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