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PC3I Presents 14 Abstracts at ASCO Quality Care Symposium 2022

ASCO Quality Care Symposium


The 2022 American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Quality Care Symposium will feature 14 abstracts, including 7 first- and senior-authored abstracts, from Innovation Faculty, Fellows, and staff at the Penn Center for Cancer Care Innovation (PC3I). 

PC3I’s abstracts address the latest in cancer care research including care delivery, measuring patient and caregiver experience, provider efficiency, clinical outcomes, quality care and safety in oncology. 


Improving comprehensive genotyping in patients with newly diagnosed non-squamous NSCLC: Results from a prospective trial of a behavioral nudge intervention. 

Charu Aggarwal, Erica Carpenter, Dylan Scholes, Wei-Ting Hwang, Tara McWilliams, Aditi Singh, Lova Sun, John Kosteva, Michael Costello, Abigail Doucette, Peter Gabriel, Megan Roy, Anthony Martella, Jeffrey Thompson, Roger Cohen, Corey Langer, Lawrence Shulman, Melina Marmarelis.
Poster Session: October 1st, 8:00 ET
Abstract: 362 | Poster: E5 


Out-of-pocket costs for oral anticancer drugs. 

Nivedita Arora, S. M. Qasim Hussaini, Ramy Sedhom, Anne Blaes, Stacie Dusetzina, Arjun Gupta.
Poster Session: September 30th, 12:30 ET
Abstract: 14 | Poster: A12 


Geographic disparities in head and neck cancer mortality and place of death in the United States from 2003 to 2019. 

Nino Balanchivadze, Amanda Blackford, Ling Huang, Vivian Altiery De Jesus, Michael Hwang, Arjun Gupta, S. M. Qasim Hussaini, Ramy Sedhom.
Poster Session: September 30th, 12:30 ET
Abstract: 161 | Poster: E30 


Designing and implementing an evidence-based and longitudinal implicit bias training curriculum for school of medicine members and health care providers. 

Lauren Hamel, Leah Robinson, Marquita Chamblee, Donovan Roy, David Dougherty, Beena Sood.
Poster Session: September 30th, 12:30 ET
Abstract: 159 | Poster: E28 


Association of the Affordable Care Act Medicaid expansion and receipt of palliative care among individuals newly diagnosed with advanced stage cancers. 

Xuesong Han, Kewei Shi, Jingxuan Zhao, Leticia Nogueira, Ravi Parikh, Ahmedin Jemal, K. Robin Yabroff.
Rapid Abstract Session: October 1st, 11:30 ET
Poster Session: October 1st, 8:00 ET
Abstract: 73 | Poster: A4 


Social vulnerability and cancer-related mortality among U.S. counties, 2013 to 2019. 

M. Qasim Hussaini, Krista Chen, Amanda Blackford, Harrison Quick, Ramy Sedhom, Arjun Gupta, Dan Laheru.
Poster Session: September 30th, 12:30 ET
Abstract: 162 | Poster: E31 


Time of clinic appointment and advance care planning discussions in oncology. 

Likhitha Kolla, Jinbo Chen, Ravi Parikh.
Poster Session: October 1st, 8:00 ET
Abstract: 185 | Poster: A10 


An augmented intelligence mobile phone chatbot for medication adherence and toxicity management among patients with gastrointestinal cancers on capecitabine. 

Kelsey Lau-Min, Jessica Marini, Nishant Shah, Donna Pucci, Abigail Blauch, Christine Cambareri, Bethany Mooney, Caleb Johnston, Ryan Schumacher, Kyle White, Peter Gabriel, Roy Rosin, Linda Jacobs, Lawrence Shulman.
Poster Session: October 1st, 8:00 ET
Abstract: 424 | Poster: F27 


Preliminary findings from a consensus building process to update financial advocacy services guidelines. 

Christina Mangir, Allison Harvey, Angie Santiago, Lori Schneider, Meredith Doherty, Leigh Boehmer, Rifeta Kajdic Hodzic, Lorna Lucas.
Poster Session: September 30th, 12:30 ET
Abstract: 171 | Poster: F4 


Do clinical pathways impede provider workflow: A provider efficiency analysis of time spent using an EHR-embedded clinical decision support tool. 

Rebecca Maniago, Jennifer Miao, Stephanie Jou, Gregory Calip, Shawn Huda, Lawrence Shulman, Erin Bange, Aditi Singh, Christopher D’Avella.
Poster Session: October 1st, 8:00 ET
Abstract: 381 | Poster: E20 


Mammographic follow-up before and during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Ritika Manik, Connor Grady, Sara Ginzberg, Christine Edmonds, Leisha Elmore, Julia Lewandowski, Rebecca Hubbard, Oluwadamilola Fayanju.
Poster Session: September 30th, 12:30 ET
Abstract: 122 | Poster: D21 


Disparities in place of death from prostate cancer revealed by disaggregation of Asian race. 

Alexandra Noveihed, Naveena Lall, S. M. Qasim Hussaini, Pei-Lun Kuo, Amanda Blackford, Arjun Gupta, Ramy Sedhom.
Poster Session: October 1st, 8:00 ET
Abstract: 187 | Poster: A12 


The Inpatient Immunotherapy Outcomes study: A multicenter retrospective study of patients treated with immune checkpoint inhibitors in the inpatient setting. 

Fauzia Riaz, Huili Zhu, Wei Cheng, Samantha Brongiel, Elena Baldwin, Melanie Kier, Jacob Zaemes, Caleb Hearn, Osama Abdelghany, Ravi Parikh, Joshua Reuss, Elizabeth Prsic, Deborah Doroshow.
Rapid Abstract Session: September 30th, 10:30 ET
Poster Session: September 30th, 12:30 ET
Abstract: 300 | Poster: A3 


Rates of procedures among those with incidentally detected pulmonary nodules: A real-world data assessment. 

Jeffrey Thompson, Stacey DaCosta Byfield, Pamela Hansen, Jamie Tucker, Anil Vachani.
Poster Session: October 1st, 8:00 ET
Abstract: 405 | Poster: F8 


Evaluating the effect of a scalable cancer-navigation program on total cost of care. 

Scott Worland, Margot Albin, Brian Dorsey, Kevin Fosnocht, Juan Gomez, Denise Johnstone, Alphan Kirayoglu, Edward Licitra, Ravi Parikh, Kush Sachdeva, Keith Thompson, Scott Voigt, Shannon Woerner, Robert Green.
Oral Abstract Session: October 1st, 14:00 ET
Abstract: 4 


Additionally, PC3I Faculty will serve as speakers and discussants on the following sessions: 


Cancer Care at Home: Current Models and Future Directions. 

Speaker: Justin Bekelman.
General Session: September 30th, 16:00 ET 


Patient Experience | Technology and Innovation in Quality of Care | Health Care Access, Equity, and Disparities. 

Discussant: Erin Gillespie.
Oral Abstract Session: September 30th, 14:00 ET
Abstracts 374 & 68 

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